Council of the Commission:

1) decides on rights and obligations of undertakings, in accordance to the Law;
2) imposes administrative measures, in accordance to the Law;
3) participates in drafting regulations in the field of protection of competition;
4) proposes to the Government the adoption of regulations for implementation of the Law;
5) enacts instructions and guidelines for implementation of the Law;
6) monitors and analyses competition conditions on particular markets and in particular sectors;
7) submits opinions to competent authorities on draft regulations, as well as on existing regulations that effect the competition on the market;
8) organizes, performs and controls implementation of measures providing protection of competition;
(unless, and in accordance to the Law and Statute, these issues are not under the authority of the President of the Commission).
9) enacts the Statute of the Commission;
10) adopts annual financial plan of the Commission and submits it to the Government for approval;
11) adopts financial statements of the Commission;
12) adopts periodical and annual report on Commission’s activities;
13) enacts rules of procedure on its operations;
14) appoints and releases from duty the Commission’s Secretary General;
15) performs other activities in accordance with the Law, Statute and general acts.

The Council passes decisions on the ground of majority votes of all members.

Council’s mode of operations is arranged with the Rules of procedure of the Council.