President of the Commission:

1) represents and speaks for the Commission;
2) organizes and runs the operational activities of the Commission;
3) provides opinions related to implementation of competition related rules;
4) assumes activities in order to develop awareness on the need for protection of competition;
5) organizes record keeping on notified agreements, on undertakings holding dominant position on the market, as well as on concentrations, according to the Law;
6) proposes acts enacted by the Council, apart from acts proposed to the Council by Council members pursuant to Article 20, Paragraph 2 of the Statute;
7) execute Council’s decisions and perform measures for their implementation;
8) ensures and assumes responsibility for the operational legality, use and disposal of assets of the Commission, implements rights of the authorizing officer for the use of Commission’s assets pursuant to the Law;
9) convenes and presides over Council’s sessions;
10) enacts the act on internal organization and systematization of work positions in the Commission, and other general and individual acts pursuant to the Law and Statute;
11) submits Commission’s business report and annual financial statement;
12) decides on the establishment and termination of employment and staff deployment within the Commission, employees’ salaries and fees, appointed and hired officials;
13) performs other activities in accordance with the Law, Statute and other general acts of the Commission.

In the infringement procedure, a reporter from among the members of the Council is appointed who shall prepare, in cooperation with the official assigned to lead the procedure, the proposition of the decision and report to the Council on the reasons and all important facts and circumstances in the case.

President of the Commission appoints the reporter at the moment the procedure has been initiated.

President of the Commission presides and manages the activities of the Council, signs decisions and other acts and ensures their execution.