marina-joksimovic-kzkRepresentatives of the Commission for Protection of Competition have participated in the seminar “Basic concepts and procedures in competition law for young authority staff”, which was held in Budapest from 08th to 11th March 2016 and organized by the Regional Centre for Competition – OECD and the Hungarian Competition Authority.

The main topics discussed in the seminar touched upon various issues of competition law, such as the definition of the relevant market, use and storage of confidential information in the investigation of competition infringements, abuse of dominant position, mergers, etc. Special emphasis was placed on work-group exercises and discussions, with examples provided from practice and solutions available in differing national legislation. Additionally, a brief overview of the relevant case-law of the European Court of Justice, which has left a mark on the application of competition law and the conduct of the European Commission in the field, was provided for the majority of discussed topics.