SophiaForum_300x104By concluding a contract for the use of public railway infrastructure with the “Kombinovani prevoz d.o.o.” company from Belgrade, the “Infrastruktura železnice Srbije” company has complied with commitments from the Resolution on suspension of procedure of the Commission for Protection of Competition, to sell railway routes to carriers who fulfill conditions related to the access to public railway infrastructure.

This contract also enables access and use of public railway infrastructure to other business entities interested in performing services of railway transportation of goods that previously have not been part of “Železnice Srbije“ company. Namely, railway traffic in Serbia so far has been run by „Železnice Srbije“ company, which has been restructured into three newly established railway companies – for passenger and cargo transport, “Srbija voz” and “Srbija Kargo”, respectively, and for public railway infrastructure management, “Infrastruktura železnice Srbije”.

„Kombinovani prevoz” from Belgrade is the first carrier who leased a route following “Železnice Srbije“ restructuring and initiated running operations using the public railway system, thus creating conditions for establishing of effective competition on the market of access to public railway infrastructure, which was the goal of initiated proceeding by the Commission.

During the first trail run held on June 2, the train composition of “Kombinovani prevoz” ran Kragujevac-Lapovo route.