kzkPursuant to Article 47 of the Law on Protection of Competition and the Decision of the CPC Council, the Commission launched a sector inquiry into competitive conditions on the markets for sugar beet production and buy out, sugar production from sugar beet processing, and sugar wholesale trade.

The subject of this research was to establish relations between competitors on the markets concerned from 2017-2019, assess their market share and relative power, analyze regulatory framework and look into the (contractual) relations between sugar beet producers, sugar beet purchasers, sugar producers, and wholesale traders of sugar products.

The Report on the inquiry into these particular markets summarizes the conclusions made in reference to the markets concerned, provides an overview of the dynamics between basic parameters of the markets concerned, offers comparisons with the EU market, particularly considering the changes that have happened during the observed period, gives an analysis of contractual relations, rebate policy, and compares the selling prices on the domestic market and export prices. Considering the tendencies on the sugar market and reduction in the number of operating sugar refineries both on the national and European markets, it is established that the export potential of this industrial sector to the neighboring countries is a very important factor, and that is necessary to maintain the production capacities and prevent the trend of closing and decline in the number of operating sugar refineries in the Republic of Serbia.

The Commission wishes to express its gratitude to all undertakings for providing the requested information during the Report drafting process and invites all stakeholders and other experts to present their respective commentaries to the Report by sending their observations to the email address, Subject line: Commentary to the Sector Inquiry into the Markets for Sugar Beet and Sugar in the Republic of Serbia.