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Market Study of Intercity Bus Transport

kzkThe sectoral analysis of the intercity bus transport market in the Republic of Serbia was conducted in cooperation with the representatives of the World Bank within IFC’s Serbia Invest Climate Program. The project of improving the business environment in the Republic of Serbia, which is implemented on the basis of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the International Finance Corporation, envisages that the World Bank will provide technical assistance to the Commission for Protection of Competition for the improvement of competition and market regulation in the Republic of Serbia, through several activities. One of the planned activities is the provision of technical assistance for conducting market research, including markets in which public companies participate, in order to identify and overcome obstacles in the implementation of fundamental market reforms that could affect the performance of the sector.

The subject analysis was prepared by the World Bank team, for the project purposes.

The subject of the analysis is the bus transport market in terms of identifying the basic characteristics of the market and market structure as well as the analysis of the regulatory environment, market performance and analysis of competition in the market through the identification of practices and rules that may distort competition. The analysis concluded that the existing regulatory framework contributes to suboptimal market outcomes and made recommendations for improving the intercity road transport market.

The Commission would like to thank all market participants who provided the requested information in the course of the analysis.

Signed Memorandum on Cooperation with the Hellenic Competition Commission

kzkThe Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia and the Hellenic Competition Commission have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Antitrust Cooperation.

The implementation of the Memorandum will allow for the improvement of cooperation between the two authorities through the exchange of experiences and comparative practices in the field of antitrust aimed at achieving economic progress and the well-being of society, in particular consumer welfare.

The Memorandum aims to strengthen cooperation in the field of competition law and policy and create favorable conditions for the development of bilateral relations, which is particularly important in the context of changes occurring in markets that competition authorities face.