kzkContinuing with the work on raising awareness of the need to comply with the regulations on competition protection, the Commission prepared the Model Program of Compliance with the Regulations on Protection of Competition, which accompanies the Guidelines for developing a program of compliance with the regulations on competition protection.

The model poses a starting point for market participants who would be interested in creating a Compliance program, and contains suggestions on which elements to include in the program, how to approach the development and training, as well as which elements require special attention. The intention of such an approach is to further help market participants with facilitated application of the Guidelines and harmonization of their business.

The Commission provides this model as an example and proposal, which is not a mandatory form, in order to facilitate market participants, who decide to develop their own compliance program, to implement such a decision and implement a compliance program in their business. The Commission once again draws attention to the fact that each compliance program should be tailored to the needs of a particular company and adapted to the market or markets in which the company operates.