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Students of the Faculty of Law visiting the Commission

kzkThe Commission for the Protection of Competition in cooperation with the Student Association for International Cooperation (SAIC) of the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade organized a student visit to the Commission.

The academics had the opportunity to be acquainted with the basic principles of competition protection policy and to gain direct insight into the work and functioning of the Commission.

By organizing such student visits, the Commission aims to raise interest and motivate students to engage in competition protection throughout their academic work, as well as to find interest in this field for a potential professional career.

With eleven years of existence, over 2,000 members and with over 1,000 projects implemented, SAIC has helped students in pursue of their further professional path.

The Commission presented its work method at the 22nd annual conference of the OECD called “Global Forum on Competition”

kzk The Commission for the Protection of Competition participated in the 22nd annual conference “Global Forum on Competition”, which is traditionally organized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), at its headquarters in Paris.

Upon a special invitation of the OECD, within the panel “Alternatives to the Leniency Programmes”, the Commission’s work method was presented, which refers to the proactive independent detection of cartels without relying on the leniency program, reports or cooperation with other authorities. The presentation attracted considerable attention from the representatives of the competition protection authorities present and was accompanied by questions, discussion and positive evaluations.

To this year’s conference, which took place from December 7 to 8, 2023, guests from around 110 competition protection authorities and international organizations were invited, and the topics were: “From globalization to regionalization”, “Alternatives to the leniency programmes”, “Using economic evidence in cartel cases” and “Ex-post evaluation of measures imposed in merger investigation procedures”

The conference represented a good way of connecting the Commission with representatives of competition protection authorities from all over the world and directly presenting the work of the Commission in an international framework.