Grad Novi SadFollowing analysis of the initiative for investigation of possible competition infringement, the Commission sent opinions to the City of Novi Sad and Pančevo Assemblies on the necessity to amend, i.e. precise provisions of the decisions in question regulating burial and cemetery management utility services, in order not to distort competition and give monopoly to the public utility companies in those cities.

The City of Novi Sad Assembly positively reacted and informed the Commission that the City of Novi Sad Administration for Utilities has prepared a Draft decision on amendments to the Decision on performing utility services of burial and cemetery management, which will be adopted during the first working session of the City of Novi Sad Assembly, as per notice sent to the Commission.

The Commission emphasizes the importance of the City of Novi Sad Assembly’s conduct since the adoption of amendments related to disputed provisions of the Decision will have a positive impact on the competition and enable performing of certain burial services for all interested parties, i.e. not only the public utility company but also other companies, entrepreneurs and other business entities, an activity that needs to be performed in a competitive environment.

The Commission expects that the City of Pančevo Assembly will follow the City of Novi Sad Assembly’s behavior as well, and commence amending disputed provisions of the Decision on burial and cemeteries, as pointed out by the Commission.