The Commission for Protection of Competition and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Belgrade co-organized the Seminar “Knowledge-sharing seminar on Korean and Serbian competition law”.

The objective of this event was to enrich the current know-hows of not only employees, but other interested parties on good international practices of competition policy implementation.

Introductory presentations were given by President of the Commission for Protection of Competition Dr. Miloje Obradović, H.E. Yoo Dae Jong, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Serbia, and Radica Nusdorfer, Head of the Economic and European Integration Section at the EU Delegation to Serbia.

On the occasion, President Obradović pointed that joint dedication toward creating conditions for effective competition, as well as closeness and fellowship are bonding drivers between competition authorities of Korea and Serbia.

- We are aware of the need to intensify international co-operation, being that such co-operation, at the time when not only regional but international undertakings are present, is the key to success in our common struggle toward achieving equal market conditions for all, said Dr. Obradović.

H.E. Yoo Dae Jong emphasized that what the Republic of Korea wishes to share with Serbia, by organizing such seminars, is the notion that his country is the proof of accomplished strong economy not by coincidence, but as the result of good public policies and management, as well as work of efficient institutions.

- I believe that our experiences will prove useful in Serbia, and serve a function in the economic development and further EU integration efforts of Serbia, said H.E. Yoo.

Head of the Economic and European Integration Section at the EU Delegation to Serbia, Radica Nusdorfer said that Serbia has considerably advanced in the competition policy implementation domain, and that Serbian competition regulatory convergence with the European acquis is achieved to a great extent.

- Two EU technical assistance programs are implemented in Serbia thus far, while the third one is in preparation, aimed at advancing implementation of competition policy standards and regulations, said Nusdorfer.

Presentations were held by Director-General of the Korean state-funded trade and investment promotion agency KOTRA in Serbia Mr. Lee Sung-gi, in addition to Mr. An Byoung-gyu, representative of the Korean Fair Trade Commission at the Korean Embassy in Brussels, and Dr. Veljko Milutinović, member of the CPC Council.

Particular attention was placed on the implementation of leniency program in the Republic of Korea. The Republic of Korea is among most efficient countries in the competition policy implementation. In so doing, over 70 percent of terminated antitrust proceedings are conducted directly owing to the successfulness of leniency program, implemented on the part of competition authority of the Republic of Korea since 1997.