kzkPursuant to Article 47 of the Law on the Protection of Competition and the Decision of the Council, the Commission for the Protection of Competition conducted a sectoral analysis of the state of competition in the cement and concrete markets in the Republic of Serbia in the period from 2018 to 2021.

The subject of the analysis was to determine of the relationship between competitors, both on the cement market (producers and importers) and on the concrete market (producers), assessment of their market share and relative strength, analysis of commercial policy and contractual relations with suppliers and customers, as well as the effects that such relations can have on the state of competition in the market.
The goal of the research, when it comes to the cement market, was to comprehensively consider the changes in the market structure and dynamics of competition in the market in question, in relation to the period covered by the analysis conducted in 2018. When it comes to the concrete market, the main goal of the analysis was to determine the degree of vertical interdependence with the cement market as an upstream market, taking into account the existence of three vertically integrated market participants, and the effects that vertical connection can have on prices and conditions of competition
in the market.

For the purposes of the analysis, data was collected and processed from three cement producers (two of which are also concrete producers), five cement importers (one of which is a concrete producer) and 22 concrete producers.
The Commission would like to thank all market participants who promptly provided the requested information in the course of the analysis. Given the importance of the cement industry for the development of construction and overall industrial development, as well as the conclusions and recommendations of this analysis, the Commission will continue to monitor with special attention the behavior of participants in the relevant markets and circumstances that could indicate violations of the Law on Protection of Competition.