The Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia was given a special honor this year of being the “Guest Host” at the Annual Conference “Competition 2.0” of the Romanian Competition Council, held in Bucharest. The main topics of the Conference related to the competition issues in telecommunications, media, online trade and other markets within the “New Economy”.

President of the Commission for Protection of Competition Dr. Miloje Obradović, heading the Serbian delegation, in his keynote paper adverted attention to the need of competition authorities to perceive challenges in implementing competition policies due to the rapidly changing business surroundings where all competition authorities operate. During the closing session of the Conference Dr. Obradović summarized conclusions of two, exceptionally successful panel discussions.

In addition to the Commission President, member of the Commission’s Council Dr. Veljko Milutinović accomplished a notable participation at the Conference, with an active role in the Conference panel discussion dedicated to the new tendencies in telecom markets and their impact on competition. The CPC delegation also comprised of Nina Vasić, Senior Advisor in the International Cooperation Division.

The Conference was attended by numerous representatives of the Government of Romania, National Assembly of Romania, European Commission, OECD, Romanian regulatory authorities, academic community, international organizations and associations of undertakings.