kzkThe Commission for Protection of Competition initiated an ex officio procedure of investigation of infringement of competition against the company Polet-keramika Novi Bečej, in order to examine the existence of restrictive agreements referred to in Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Competition, which restricts competition on the market of wholesale ceramic tiles in the Republic of Serbia, and performed an unannounced investigation.

The commission conducted an analysis of the state of competition in the distribution channels of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, within which it also obtained sales contracts that the manufacturer Polet-keramika Novi Bečej concluded with buyers for further sale. The analysis of contracts, their addendums and annexes revealed provisions that point to the existence of a practice known as resale pricing by the manufacturer/seller, which restricts the buyer to make independent business decisions related to pricing policy, which is a restrictive agreement, constituting an infringement of competition under Article 10 of the Law.

In the investigation procedure, the commission shall undertake all necessary evidentiary actions in order to correctly determine the factual situation, examine the existence of a competition infringement, and make a final decision upon finalization of the procedure.

All persons having data, documents or other relevant information that can contribute to establishing the factual situation in this procedure are hereby invited to submit them at the address of the Commission for Protection of Competition, Savska 25 / IV, Belgrade.