kzk-ekofCommission for Protection of Competition conditionally approved implementation of concentration created by acquisition of control on the part of Serbia Broadband – Srpske kablovske mreže LLC over Interaktivne kablovske objedinjene mreže – I.KOM LLC.

Based on the established facts, the Commission Decision recognized that the straightening of dominant position on the part of SBB company will occur only on the retail market of media content distribution services. For that reason, implementation of this concentration is approved, subject to the determined conditions.

SBB company will conduct a disinvestment within the set deadline, that is, sell parallel secondary network infrastructure on the territory of the City of Belgrade, where exist horizontal overlaps between related concentration parties.

The decision also sets conditions relating to the mandatory regular reporting on potential changes in retail prices of media content services provided via SBB basic package, as well as on the causes and intensity of related changes, in the duration of two years effective from the validity day of the decision.

SBB company is also ordered to offer current IKOM company service users the alternative possibilities when concluding new contracts, as per their choice, namely: Contract for an indefinite period offered by SBB to current or potential new users in line with the valid regular terms and conditions, or Contract for a fixed term offered to current or potential new users in line with the valid promotional terms and conditions.

During investigation proceeding, the Commission collected all necessary data, information and opinions on the concentration effects from competing parties to the concentration participants, in addition to the emitters and independent regulatory authorities competent for data considered relevant to this proceeding.