In the course of the past week, Commission initiated procedure for establishment of existence of infringement of competition relating to distribution of electronic cigarettes and liquid for electronic cigarettes, and on the strength of its legal powers carried out dawn raids of the premises of the parties on several locations in the territory of the city of Beograde. Procedures were initiated on the ground of suspicion that the undertakings concluded agreements on setting minimum prices in retail trade.

Dawn raid is an unannounced search of premises,, documents and effects found in that place, of which a party i.e. holder of premises and property is informed on the spot, at the time of carrying out the search. This instrument is exceptionally efficient in uncovering cartel collusions and other forms of infringements of competition. During dawn raid, Commission had a full cooperation of parties to procedure.

The result of efficient implementation of policy preventing competition infringements is, above all, consumers welfare, through better selection, quality and lower prices of goods and services. Efficient competition policy provides also benefits for competitors, since by preventing cartels and abuse of dominant position, equal conditions for all undertakings are created.

At this instant, Commission is not in position to deliver any additional information, as not to endanger further investigation procedures.