Commission for Protection of Competition continuous ex officio to pursue investigation of concentration initiated on the basis of notification of the company ”Industry of Milk and Dairy Products Imlek” a.d. from Padinska Skela.

Concentration is notified for the acquisition of 100% of share in the company ”Nis Dairy” the company ”Imlek”.

After having examined submitted documents, and based on all the facts arising from the content of the notification, Commission has found that by implementation of notified concentration, company ”Imlek” would strenghten its position in the market for purchase of raw cow’s milk, production and sales of milk and dairy products, since companies ”Imlek” and ”Nis Dairy” are direct competitors, and that the company ”Imlek” is the strongest participant in the relevant market.

The Commission shall, therefore, in investigation procedure, additionally evaluate all the statutory criteria in order to determine permissibility of concentration, and not only the structure of relevant markets and the position of parties to concentration on them. Commission shall specifically investigate whether a notified concentration fulfills the conditions of permissibility prescribed in Article 19 of the Law on Protection of Competition, or whether the implementation of concentration significantly restricts, distorts or prevents competition in the market of the Republic of Serbia or a part thereof.