kzk-ekofThe Commission for Protection of Competition has prepared the Draft Regulation on Agreements on the Repair and Maintenance of Motor Vehicles and Agreements on the Distribution of Spare Parts for Motor Vehicles Exempt from the Prohibition, to be submitted to the Government of the Republic of Serbia for consideration and enactment, in accordance with competences stipulated by the Law on Protection of Competition.

The intent of the Commission is that new regulation will regulate conditions pertaining to the exemption of agreements from prohibition in the area of repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and distribution of spare parts for motor vehicles by taking into consideration specificities of this area, which are not regulated by the general competition policy rules.

The Commission calls all undertakings, business associations, law offices, expert public and all other interested parties that from October 2-17, 2017, submit to the Commission their comments and opinions in reference to the text of the Draft regulation via e-mail address