In accordance with the Law on Protection of Competition, the Commission is competent to:

1) decide on rights and obligations of undertakings, in accordance with the Law;
2) impose administrative measures, in accordance to the Law;
3) participate in drafting regulations in the field of protection of competition;
4) propose to the Government the adoption of regulations for implementation of the Law;
5) enact instructions and guidelines for implementation of the Law;
6) monitor and analyze competition conditions on particular markets and in particular sectors;
7) submit opinions to competent authorities on draft regulations, as well as on existing regulations that effect the competition on the market;
8) issue opinions in view of implementation of rules in the field of protection of competition;
9) establish international cooperation in the field of protection of competition for fulfillment of international obligations in this area, and gather information on protection of competition in other countries;
10) cooperate with state authorities, territorial autonomy and local self-government bodies, for providing conditions for implementation of the Law and other rules that regulate the issue of importance for protection of competition;
11) perform activities in order to develop awareness on the need for protection of competition;
12) keep records on notified agreements, on undertakings holding dominant position on the market, as well as on concentrations, in accordance to the Law;
13) organize, perform and control implementation of measures providing protection of competition;
14) perform other activities in accordance with the Law.
The Commission performs activities referred to items 1), 2), 3), 4), 5), 6), 7), 8), 9), 10) and 13) as entrusted competencies.