Technical Service of the Commission performs technical, administrative, material and financial, legal, general and human resources-related affairs in accordance with the Law, Statute and other acts of the Commission.

General labor regulations are applied to the rights and obligations of the employees in Technical Service.

Technical Service of the Commission is managed by the Secretary General.

Secretary General:

1) manages operations and organizes the work of Technical Service;
2) manages preparation of Council’s sessions;
3) submits initiatives to the President of Commission for enactment and amendment of Commission’s general acts;
4) enacts instructions related to Technical Service operations;
5) sees to professional training of employees;
6) performs other activities in accordance with the Statute and other general acts.

Person eligible for the position of Secretary General fulfills conditions prescribed by the Law.

Secretary is appointed by the Council by majority of the votes.

Secretary is accountable for its work to the Council.