kzkThe Commission, based on publicly available data, has been notified on the intent of all three mobile operators to increase the prices of their services. However, based on this fact alone it cannot be concluded it is a behavior that is potentially contrary to the Law on Protection of Competition.

As in all other cases, in this specific case, in order for the Commission to determine it is a prohibited behavior, legal procedure must be implemented beforehand to determine the existence of antitrust infringements. The purpose of procedure implementation is to collect facts that could prove the violation of the Law on Protection of Competition.

However, considering there is a formal, legally prescribed standard for initiation of procedure in front of the Commission, which is the well-founded presumption antitrust infringement has occurred, it is necessary to determine the merits of statements and review the facts beforehand. In case it is subsequently concluded there is a reasonable doubt that detected behavior is the result of illegal action, the Commission shall initiate the procedure of reviewing antitrust infringement.

Since, in line with the Law on Protection of Competition, the Commission has different mechanisms available to collect the necessary facts, the Commission shall not announce its possible intention to act in specific cases.