Commission for Protection of Competition has initiated an investigation procedure for infringement of competition ex officio, against the company ”Infostan”, Public Utility Company from Belgrade, in order to investigate infringement of competition as in Article 16 of the Law on Protection of Competition.

Abuse of dominant position on the market is prohibited, especially in case of applying dissimilar conditions to equivalent transactions with other trading parties, thereby placing them at a disadvantage in relation to competitors.

Commission reasonably assumes that company Infostan posseses business sensative information on the number of customers, who do not have a household insurance, listed through unified billing system. By using its knowledge and position, company Infostan allowed joint stock insurance company ”Generali Insurance Serbia”, an insight into the market, and provided information on potential customers who do not use insurance services, whereby it applied dissimilar conditions to equivalent transactions with other market participants, placing at the disadvantage particular market participants in relation to their competitors, thereby abusing its dominant position.

Commision shall, within investigation procedure, undertake evidentiary actions in order to determine decisive facts, which are important for assessing the existence of infringement of competition.

We invite all persons who have data, documents or other relevant information which may contribute to determining the factual situation in this procedure to submit them to Commission for Protection of Competition at Savska 25, Belgrade.