kzk-ekofCommission for Protection of Competition has organized for the first time, a summer internship program intended for competition policy-related professional development of graduate and postgraduate students of law and economic studies from Universities of Belgrade, Kragujevac and Niš.

A series of lectures and workshops will be held during the internship program, enabling students to familiarize with competences and working methods of the Commission, gain basic knowledge on competition infringement detection methods, market concentration investigation methodology and preparation of economic inquiries, along with other operational aspects of this institution, including cooperation with other national competition authorities, international and domestic organizations, as well as competition advocacy tools used by the Commission.

It is expected that initiation of student internship program implementation in the Commission will contribute to raising levels of students’ competition policy theoretical knowledge and related practical implementation, as well as for the promotion of competition policy in the academic community.

Internship program enabling professional development and practical training of students in the competition policy and law area will be implemented throughout the month, and is organized pursuant to previously signed memoranda on cooperation between the Commission and aforementioned institutions.

Internship program is organized and headed by dr Siniša Milošević, Head of Economic Analysis Division.