Commission for Protection of Competition approved concentration created by acquisition of direct sole control of the Dutch company Adriatic BidCo B.V. over companies Danube Foods Group B.V. and Clates Holding B.V., thereby acquiring indirect sole control over their subsidiary companies, among which are Bambi a.d., Pozarevac, Imlek a.d., Mlekara a.d. Subotica and Knjaz Milos. The buyer is under the ultimate control of investment fund Mid Europa IV Management Limited, as the ultimate general partner of funds Mid Europa Fund IV LP and Mid Europa Fund IV A LP.

At the request of Commission, the acquirer of control (buyer) presented its express declaration that neither that company nor with it affiliated market participants, namely, the above mentioned investment funds, have subsidiaries or are present in the circulation of goods and/or services in any way in relevant markets, both in Serbia and in the territory of states-signatories to Free Trade Agreement in South East Europe (CEFTA) and the territory of European Union member states.

It transpires from the determined factual position that the acquirer of control has not been present in any segment in Serbia and the region, so that implementation of this concentration shall not lead to change and/or increase in market share and consequently to a significant change in the structure of defined relevant markets, nor shall parties to concentration acquire advantage in any of the markets.
Given that there is no concern with respect to any criteria for assessment of permissibility of concentration under Article 19 of the Law, it has been concluded that that the implementation of this concentration does not lead to significant restriction, distortion or prevention of competition, primarily by creating or strengthening dominant position.

As before, the Commission will monitor and analyze the market situation in order to forestall, and if necessary, act upon and sanction all possible actions and acts which may constitute an abuse of dominant position and/or restrictive agreement.