OSIGURANJEPursuant to the Decision of the Council and Article 47 of the Law on Protection of Competition, the Commission for Protection of Competition conducted the insurance market competition inquiry in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2012-2015.

The main objective of this inquiry is to determine the market structure and relations between main competing parties, their market shares and relevant power. Additionally, the objective of this inquiry is detecting possible market weaknesses that might create conditions causing competition infringement.

Working group comprising representatives of the Commission, National Bank of Serbia, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications will be established in the coming period, formulating a Draft regulation on conditions for group exemption of agreements in the insurance sector, whereby the European regulatory rules and specifics of the insurance sector in Serbia shall be taken into consideration, which are presented in the Report via conclusions and recommendations of the conducted insurance market sector inquiry.

The Commission takes this opportunity to express appreciation to the National Bank of Serbia and all undertakings for submitting requested data for the purpose of this sector inquiry.
The full sector inquiry report, including conclusions and adopted recommendations is published honoring the requests of business entities for protecting data considered as a trade secret.

All undertakings and other expert public are hereby called upon to submit their comments in reference to the Report, no later than February 28, 2017, email: office.kzk@kzk.gov.rs, with the remark: Comment to the insurance market sector inquiry.