Delegation of the Commission for Protection of Competition attended the 14th session of the OECD Annual Conference, entitled ”Global Forum on Competition” at the invitation of OECD Secretariat.

Annual meeting was held in the head-office of OECD, on October 29 and 30, 2015, having as primary topics ”Connection and Interdependence of Competition Policy and Employment” (does competition contribute to job distruction or job creation ?) and ”Cartels – Series Offenders (discussion on the issue of systematic repetition of cartel agreements in certain sectors of economy)”.

The first day of Conference was dominated by topic which engaged the representatives of both competition authorities and representatives of governments, trade unions and academia. The session focused on theoretical and practical examples which explored several models according to which active competition policy in certain areas contributes to creation of new jobs, but in some cases it also leads to loss of jobs.

On the second day of Conference, our delegation participated in the session on the subject of systematic repetition of cartel agreements in certain sectors of economy. Delegation conducted also a series of bilateral discussions with representatives of competition authorities from Austria, United States, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden, countries in the region and other, on the subject of continuing further cooperation in the forthcoming period.

Conference was attended by over 90 delegations of competition authorities from all over the world, as well as representatives of international institutions, academia and business associations.