kzkBased on a conclusion enacted by the Commission President, the Commission for Protection of Competition has resumed proceedings ex officio in the matter of a merger which, according to the notification submitted by company Privredno društvo za proizvodnju hleba i peciva Don Don d.o.o. Beograd, is created by acquisition of direct individual control over a part of company Akcionarsko društvo za preradu žitarica Žitopromet, Zaječar.

The proceedings will be completed by the enactment of a decision within the statutory period of four months from the date of initiation of proceedings ex officio.

During the course of investigation procedure, the Commission will investigate whether the implementation of such concentration would significantly restrict, distort, or prevent competition on the market of the Republic of Serbia or its part, and especially if that restriction, distortion, or prevention would be the result of creating or strengthening of a dominant position.

The Commission will carry out all necessary actions, determine all facts and adduce evidence necessary for the definition of the relevant market, establish the structure of the relevant market, degree of concentration of the relevant market, and identify current and potential competitors, market position of the merger parities, legal and other barriers to entry into relevant markets, user interests, etc.

The Commission invites all persons in possession of data, documents or other relevant information that could contribute to the accurate fact-finding in this proceeding to submit said evidence at the earliest possible opportunity to the Commission, to the address 25/IV Savska St., Belgrade.