kzkThe Commission for Protection of Competition has established that Joint stock company for transportation services Niš-ekspres Niš has abused its dominant position on the bus station platform entrance market in the territory of the City of Niš, thus infringing competition rules from Article 16 of the Law on Protection of Competition.

As the Bus station Niš management company, Niš-ekspres a.d. has charged different prices for bus station services to passengers with various bus tickets, depending on the travel distance in km.

Furthermore, the Commission has established that company Niš-ekspres a.d. has also applied dissimilar business conditions with regard to persons purchasing platform tickets. They have been charged an amount that exceeded the highest amount of the bus station service fee charged with a bus ticket purchase covering the bus station platform entrance.

Niš-ekspres is ordered to pay the amount of 40,726,439.00 RSD into the Budget account of the Republic of Serbia as a measure for protection of competition, which corresponds to 1.3% of the aggregate turnover generated in the Republic of Serbia in the year preceding the launch of antitrust investigation proceedings.