rccoecdThe Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia is hosting the OECD Regional Center seminar for competition, to be held in Belgrade from September 27-29, 2016. The Commission is selected among a great number of national authorities for competition law implementation that have applied to host this prestigious gathering.

Following Commission’s recommendation, the seminar will be dedicated to the topic of competition advocacy. The topic holds particular significance having in mind that the awareness on the importance and benefits of competition rules is still not sufficiently developed at the level of executive power, the business community, the judiciary and academic community, as well as among the citizens as consumers.

Part of the program will be dedicated to the utilization of market research and sectoral analyses in the competition protection practice. Within mentioned panel, experienced experts from this area will share their knowledge and prior experiences.

The seminar will be an opportunity for sharing of experiences between countries with different level of competition law development and related implementation practice. These meetings are also of a great significance for countries that are developing competition law implementation, among which is Serbia, as well as an opportunity to inform the general public on the basic issues regarding competition, its significance and influence on the economic prosperity of society.

Organization of the seminar is an additional recognition to the Commission for its work on an international level, especially being organized in the year marking Commission’s tenth year founding anniversary.

The seminar will be attended by more than 30 participants from 21 OECD Regional Center for Competition Seminar Held in Belgrade.