kzkThe Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia has joined the group of authorities as founding members of the International Competition Network’s Framework for Competition Agency Procedures, aimed at fostering fair, informed and non-discriminatory procedures in competition law enforcement around the world and increased transparency.

New protocols of the International Competition Network agreed in early April this year are designed to streamline the enforcement procedures, while safeguarding procedural fairness and non-discriminatory approach of member countries towards ensuring that local competition rules afford national companies no less favorable treatment than the one granted to companies from other jurisdictions in like circumstances. The protocols are designed so as to ensure that respective competition authorities cannot rig outcomes in favor of privileged competitors, and in that manner put pressures on the economies of other countries.

The motive of the Commission to be among the founder members of new protocols of the International Competition Network was to send a clear message to all undertakings operating or planning to operate in the territory of the Republic of Serbia that this institution will continue to work in full respect of the principles of transparency and legal certainty of their investments, as regards the implementation of competition policy.