kzk-ekofPresident of the Commission for Protection of Competition Dr Miloje Obradović took part as a panelist at the Kopaonik Business Forum 2019 during the “Protection of Competition in Serbia” panel session.
In addition to Dr Obradović, the participants at this panel session were also Marko Jović, Head of General Affairs, Vip mobile, Prof Dr Boban Stojanović, Faculty of Economics, University of Niš, and Tomislav Momirović, CEO, Mona Hoteli Management, while the session moderator was Prof Dr Dragan Lončar, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.

In thanking all panelists for their contribution to the discussion and numerous guests present in the Central Hall during the Kopaonik Business Forum, the Commission President reminded the audience that the protection of competition is one of the key segments of the economic and business system of every country. Dr Obradović underlined that the implementation of competition law and policy leads to building adequate business environment and investment climate, in addition to mainstreaming the Serbian economy into the European Union. The implementation of competition policy in the Republic of Serbia is performed in accordance with the legal system, economic factors, sound business rationale, and public interest.

During the discussions, President Obradović pointed out that the goal of protection of competition is the creation of competitive markets with established competitive pressure systems, leading to rivalries and the triumph of the best in productivity and innovations, new pioneering orientations and creative thinking, etc. They, in turn, impact the growth and development of the national economy, and ultimately lead to fulfilling the overreaching aim of the competition policy enforcement in the Republic of Serbia and which is laid down in Article 1 of the Law on Protection of Competition, and that is the economic prosperity and well-being of the society.

The work of the Commission for Protection of Competition is guided by the law that is in compliance with the EU acquis, while the authority has adequate institutional and administrative capacities, with several segments still requiring additional improvements. The new legal solution that is currently being drafted should only “fine tune” the existing framework, said Obradović during the panel.

The importance of increased knowledge in the field of competition policy is underlined during the panel discussions, both by judicial authorities and regulators. To that effect, it is expected that the newly launched Twinning project will secure the additional improvement of the knowledge base of all competent authorities and institutions on the competition law and policy.

Dr Obradović underlined that the Commission has significantly improved its work, which is evidenced by numerous positive assessments given by national and foreign partners. The support of the European Commission, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as well regional competition authorities in the preparatory project activities for the formation of the Western Balkans Forum of Competition Authorities, clearly shows that the Serbian Commission is perceived as the regional leader.

The success should not send us to sleep, because there is still room for further improvements, Dr Obradović concluded during the session.

At this years’ Kopaonik Business Forum, the Commission was also represented by Mirjana Mišković Vukašinović and Marko Obradović, CPC Council members, as well as Jelena Mladenović and Dr Siniša Milošević, heads of the Restrictive Practices Division and the Economic Analyses Division, respectively.