SBB IKOMThe Commission for Protection of Competition intends to conduct the retail market competition inquiry related to non-specialized stores predominately supplied with food, beverages and tobacco. The inquiry would encompass the retail end-user and procurement markets, focusing on the relationship between retailers and their suppliers.

The sector inquiry related to this market is important having in mind that retail sales represent the sector where, perhaps predominately, the significance on the consumers is conspicuous, therefore making it considerably important to perform an overview of tendencies in this industry, as well as in related sectors within the supply chain.

In addition to the aforementioned, the considerable enlargements on the retail market and distribution of foodstuff have occurred during the last decade in Serbia, which reflected on the commercial relations between retailers and their suppliers, as well as on the considerable market concentration.

Having in mind these facts, the Commission concluded that the situation on retail market in the Republic of Serbia points to the need to conduct the inquiry on competition conditions and alterations in the market structure, as well as the inquiry on this specific undertakings’ behavior that might represent a competition infringement.

The results of this inquiry would also enable the Commission to conduct ex-post inquiries on more significant concentrations implemented in the previous period.

The inquiry should also contribute to the improved perception of contractual relations between suppliers and market chains, along with the effects those relations may have on the condition of competition on the market, foremost keeping in mind the relative small number of initiatives for instituting competition infringement procedures submitted in the previous period.