Commission for Protection of Competition instituted proceeding ex officio for investigating unreported albeit implemented concentration created by the acquisition of an individual control by „Prointer IT Solutions and Services” LLC, Belgrade, over „Alti” LLC, Čačak, wherewith the earlier joint control over the aforesaid company, implemented by Aleksandar Jevtović and „Prointer IT Solutions and Services”, is transformed into an individual.

This business transaction represents a concentration, pursuant to Article 17 of the Law on Protection of Competition, which fulfilled the conditions of reporting to the Commission, pursuant to Article 61 of the LPC.

During the investigation procedure, the Commission will evaluate the criteria envisaged by the Law (Article 19 of the LPC) determining the permissibility of concentration, and in particular, the circumstance related to implemented albeit unreported concentration, which constituted a commitment of an undertaking (Article 63 of the LPC).

All parties in disposal of data, documents or other relevant information that may contribute to the relevant fact-finding in this proceeding are hereupon invited to immediate submit the aforementioned to the Commission for Protection of Competition to the address: 25/IV, Savska Street, Belgrade.

The Law foresees that concentrations of undertakings are permitted, unless they significantly restrict, distort or prevent competition in the market of the Republic of Serbia or its part, and especially if that restriction, distortion or prevention is the result of creating or strengthening of a dominant position.