Commission for Protection of Competition conducted, on November 30, 2015 dawn raids of the premises of the companies Philip Morris Services d.o.o. and British American Tobacco South East Europe d.o.o., due to a reasonable assumption that an infringement of competition was made.

The Commission has also initiated procedures ex officio, against these companies on suspicion that, as market participants, they have consorted their practices regarding pricing of their products.

By conducting dawn raid, authorized officials of the Commission carried out sudden inspection of premises, i.e. data, documents and things of which the party or the holder of premises and things have been notified on the spot, at the time of conducting the inspection.This instrument is extremely effective for detection of cartel agreements and other forms of infringement of competition. During dawn raids, Commission had full cooperation of the parties to procedure.

At present, Commission is not able to provide more information, in the interest of further procedure.