Commission for Protection of Competition has initiated procedure ex officio against companies Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš, Philip Moriss Services d.o.o., Belgrade, JT International a.d. Senta, British American Tobacco a.d., British American Tobacco South East Europe d.o.o. Belgrade, IMPERIAL TOBACCO SCG d.o.o., Belgrade, TDR d.o.o., Belgrade and MONUS d.o.o. Belgrade (Zemun), due to a reasonable assumption that as market participants in Serbia they consorted their practice, with regard to pricing of their products.

Commission reasonably assumed that these companies concluded a restrictive agreement under Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Competition, in the form of consorted practice on introduction of change and the amount of change in price, including the time as of which their decision to change the price, becomes legaly bound.

It should be noted that the Commission, under this procedure, carried out dawn raid on November 30, 2015, of companies Philip Moriss Services d.o.o., Belgrade and British American Tobacco East Europe d.o.o., Belgrade.

Commission invites all persons who have data, documents or other relevant information which may contribute to determining the factual situation in this procedure, to submit them at Savska 25, Belgrade.