kzkEmployees of the Commission for Protection of Competition have attended a two-day training course on lobbying and successful public debating. The course was implemented with a high degree of interaction, covering topics such as – the role of public debate in creating public policies, elements of the organization of public debates, as well as how to conduct a debate.

Attendees of this course, organized through project funding provided by the Kingdom of Norway and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade, were provided with an opportunity to learn more about the characteristics of a successful lobbyist, in addition to various tactics and techniques utilized, including practical cases derived from the EU experiences showcasing the implementation of this skill. In such manner, the Commission representatives were presented with an opportunity to advance their advocacy skills, as well as to improve their expertise in disseminating their own knowledge-based capital and practical lessons learned from the competition policy field.

Photo: Fonet – Zoran Mrđa