kzkThe Commission for Protection of Competition has instituted ex officio proceedings against company Konica Minolta Poslovna Rešenja SE d.o.o. Beograd, 11a Milutina Milankovića Blvd., Belgrade. The proceedings is instituted in order to investigate the infringement of competition from Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Competition.

During the course of investigation proceedings instituted on May 28, 2018 against companies Original doo Beograd, Mikops doo Niš, Birolinija doo Beograd, Biro print sistemi doo Beograd, Dikti Line doo, Birodeveloping doo Niš, and Birotehnika doo Jagodina, the Commission has gained knowledge indicating that company Konica Minolta Poslovna rešenja SE has also participated in the infringement of competition stipulated in Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Competition. As an importer and distributor of equipment manufactured by Konica Minolta, company Konica Minolta manages the sale of equipment via company Original doo Beograd, from which all other partners are procuring the related equipment, such as Birotehnika, Mikops and Birolinija, not excluding the independent sales. The sales and aftermarket services of equipment manufactured by Develep, owned by company Konica Minolta, are managed via partners Birodeveloping and Dikti Line.

For reasons of procedural economy, given that legal requirements on the consolidation of two proceedings are met, the Commission has enacted a conclusion on conducting single proceedings in this case.