kzk-ekofIn order to ensure an increased level of information among undertakings in Serbia, the Commission for Protection of Competition has prepared four leaflets that in a simple manner present risks of infringements of the Law on Protection of Competition caused by companies and individuals, even unintentionally.

The leaflets are designed in a Q&A form providing replies to specific issues, so that each undertaking can check the likelihood of anticompetitive risks arising from their behaviors. Particular emphasis is placed on specific cases such as failure to notify concentrations, unintentional pooling offers, participation in public procurements, code of business conduct, etc., which may represent a form of anticompetitive practices leading to infringements of competition law.

The Commission wishes to use this campaign in order to reach out to all undertakings with the competition policy. The Commission’s promotional campaign will be presented to the participants of the “New Competition Agenda” conference, to be held on the occasion of the Competition Day, on Friday, 20 April 2018, at Klub poslanika in Belgrade.

The project is financially supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.