kzk-ekofThe Commission for Protection of Competition conducted a competition conditions inquiry into the tire market on the territory of the Republic of Serbia in the period 2014-2016.

The research is conducted with a view to achieve more qualitative and comprehensive approach in the work on sector-related cases. In that respect, the inquiry’s main objective related to the establishment of market structure, market coverage, relations between competitors and their respective market shares.

This inquiry is prepared in accordance with the provision of Article 21(1/6) of the Law on Protection of Competition, stipulating the Commission’s competence to monitor and analyze conditions of competition on individual markets and in individual sectors.

For the purposes of this inquiry, the following relevant markets are defined and individually analyzed:

• motor vehicle tire market,
• bus and truck tire market,
• motorcycle and bicycle tire market,
• agricultural vehicles and machinery tire market,
• construction and industrial vehicles and machinery tire market.

The Commission also analyzed the production and import as segments of supply, in addition to the export and sales on the domestic market as segments of demand for the tires concerned.

The main sources of data and information for the preparation of this inquiry are data provided by the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance, data submitted by undertakings, as well as publicly available data, including Internet-based data and current regulations. The Commission forwarded requests for the submission of information to tire manufacturers in Serbia, namely: Tire manufacturing company Tigar tyers doo Pirot, companies Trayal korporacija ad Kruševac and Cooper tire & rubber company Serbia doo Kruševac, in addition to the largest tire dealers and sellers.