Miloje ObradovicSigning of the Memorandum of cooperation between “Sunoko” and Austrian “Agrana” will not in any manner influence investigation procedure conducted by the Commission for Protection of Competition, said the President, Miloje Obradović, PhD, to “Fonet” agency.

He reminded that in mid-May, the Commission passed a resolution on initiation of investigation procedure ex officio regarding concentration of “Sunoko” and “Star šećer” company, the former being the owner of TE TO Senta sugar factory. The procedure has been initiated in order to investigate on any kind of competition distortion in this case.

– We are currently collecting necessary information related to the purchase of sugar beets, sugar production, processing and sale. It is quite certain that we will comply with the legally determined deadline for enacting of a decision, Mr. Obradović said.

The President of the Commission for Protection of Competition emphasized that if a change of ownership in “Sunoko” company occurs in a meanwhile, it must be reported to the Commission.

- That would constitute a new notification of concentration on which the Commission could not be able to decide before closure of the ongoing investigation procedure. These two procedures must be absolutely separated, Mr. Obradović concluded.