The Supreme Court of Cassation’s judgement of 26.10.2015 dismissed the request for review of judgement of Administrative Court, submitted by PUC ”Funeral Services” Belgrade, by which the Supreme Court of Cassation upheld the judgement of Administrative Court, and therefore the legality of decision of Commission for Protection of Competition on abuse of dominant position by PUC ”Funeral Services” Belgrade.

Commission’s decision on abuse of dominant position by PUC ”Funeral Services” Belgrade of 27.11.2014 was confirmed by the judgement of Administrative Court of 07.05.2015. In executing the remedy for protection of competition determined by the decision of the Commission, this public company paid to the budget of the Republic of Serbia the amount of 19.253.088,00 dinars. In addition, on the basis of enforcement of Commission’s decision, the price list of other services of PUC ”Funeral Services” Belgrade was changed, i.e. Belgrade citizens were given a significant reduction in the amount of compensation which they, as users of grave places, pay to this company to set up monument over burial place.

This is another in a series of decisions of the Commission confirmed by the court of last resort, which is an additional incentive toCommission to intensify its struggle and commitment to ensuring free and fair competition in the market of the Republic of Serbia, with respect to all market participants, including public enterprises, with the aim of economic progress, welfare of society and benefit for consumers, as declared goals of the Law on Protection of Competition.