FICActivities of the Commission for Protection of Competition aimed at advancing business environment in the Republic of Serbia, particularly those related to negotiations within Chapter 8: Competition policy, were the main meeting topics between Dr. Miloje Obradović, President of the Commission for Protection of Competition, and Azra Iković from the EC Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations.

Dr. Obradović introduced guest to the Commission’s operational activities and plans to date, particularity those concerning the compliance of legal framework governing the institution’s activities with the EU acquis. The Commission prepared three draft regulations which are currently in the regulatory approval process, wherewith the current legal framework is being fully aligned against the National program for adoption of the EU acquis, Dr. Obradović emphasized.

It is highlighted that competition policy in Serbia, and particularly operational activities of the Commission for Protection of Competition, are favorably assessed by the Brussels administration. Namely, in the last EU Progress report, as well as during informal talks with the EC representatives, the Commission for Protection of Competition is recognized as one of the Serbian public institutions whose operational activities have mostly been harmonized with the EU acquis.

The Commission’s President also informed Ms. Iković on project activities concerning the creation of the Western Balkans Forum of Competition Authorities, headquartered in Belgrade, an initiative jointly instituted by the Commission and EBRD.

President Obradović also presented directions taken in the ongoing advancement of competition policy framework in Serbia, in addition to competition advocacy activities implemented by the Commission. To that end, DG NEAR representative supported and emphasized the importance of further advancement of CPC activities.