NIS EKSPRESOn the session held on February 2, 2018, the Council of the Commission for Protection of Competition enacted a decision on conditional approval of concentration created by acquisition of control on the part of company Compagnie des Lesaffre S.A. over company Altech Serbia Fermentaciona industrija d.o.o. Senta.

Based on the facts determined during the investigation procedure, the Commission established that company Altech will create a dominant position of on the yeast extract production and sales market by way of the merger, with the concurrent strengthening a dominant position on the baker’s yeast production and sales market in the Republic of Serbia.
The Commission particularly considered the statements provided by company Lesaffre that the implementation of this concentration will significantly improve the utilization of production capacities of the target company, yeast extract exports, and thus increase the operating efficiency.

The Decision sets conditions in the form of behavioral measures and mandatory regular reporting to the Commission with the goal of preserving and further advancing production capacities of baker’s yeast and yeast extract in the Republic of Serbia.

Periodical reports to be submitted to the Commission will contain:
1. Data on the rate of production capacity utilization of company Altech
2. Data on the yeast extract production of company Altech
3. Data on the baker’s yeast production of company Altech
4. Rationale on potential service production termination, in case of contract termination with the only company’s buyer to date, before the specified date of termination set in the contract.

By implementing proposed special conditions and upon analysis of submitted reports, in full and complete consideration of the importance of this market, the Commission will monitor whether and to what extent the business plans and motives for the implementation of this concentration as presented by Lesaffre are implemented, assessed as favorable effects of concentration during the investigation process conducted by the Commission.