kzkPresident of the Commission for Protection of Competition Dr Miloje Obradović and CPC Council member Čedomir Radojčić have met today with Professor Alberto Heimler, one of the world’s leading competition and antitrust experts. Professor Heimler currently holds the position of Chairman of the Working Party on Competition and Regulation and Vice-Chairman of the Competition Committee of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The topics of discussion related to the exchange of experiences in the field of regulation and competition enforcement interplay, as well as improvement of the Commission’s practice in assessing provisions about competition in regulations passed in the Republic of Serbia. The latter represents one of the priorities in activities pursued by the Commission for Protection of Competition since only a pro-competitive legislative framework can bring better guarantees for a level playing field in the Serbian market.

The Commission’s guest presented the scope of his activities to the President and CPC Council member, in particular, the work within the Steering Group of the International Competition Network (ICN) and his activities as Co-Chair of the Working Group on the Operational Framework.

Professor Heimler, author of several important papers on antimonopoly and regulatory issues published in the top international academic journals, will hold a series of workshops in the Commission under the Twinning program, followed by expert-level discussions and exchange of experiences on competition policy and law in Serbia and globally.