www.rekabet.govThe representative of the Commission for Protection of Competition participated in the meeting in Istanbul, organized by ICN Unilateral Conduct Working Group which deals with unilateral conduct of market participants, and in cooperation with Turkish competition authority, as co-organizer.

The two-day meeting included lectures, panel discussions as well as practical work on hypothetical case on the subject: ”Refusal to deal and assessment of unilateral conduct of market participants.”

The workshop was attended by representatives of competition authorities from countries with different level of development of competition law and practical experience, which certainly did not prove to be a hindrance to free exchange of ideas and experiences while working on a hypothetical case. This once again demonstrated that the presence at such meetings is of great importance, especially for countries that do not have a long tradition of competition protection, which is a case of Serbia.

The gathering was attended by about 100 representatives from more than 40 different countries.