kzk-ekofPresident of the Commission for Protection of Competition, Dr. Miloje Obradović, and Mr. Vladimir Koltovič, Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade, have signed the Memorandum on Mutual Understanding and Cooperation in the Competition Policy Area between these two institutions.

Implementation of this agreement opens the possibility for more intensive cooperation in the competition policy area, along with the development of bilateral relations in addition to securing conditions for efficient functioning of product and service markets between institutions in charge of implementation of competition policy in Serbia and Belarus.

The two parties have agreed on their mutual interest to assist one another in implementing antimonopoly, i.e. competition related legislation and in the development of competition policy by exchanging experiences and opinions.
Also, the Memorandum envisages the exchange of staff, organization of seminars, forums, training courses and other similar manifestations, as well as exchanging publications and other documents.

The Commission for Protection of Competition is very active in cooperating with other competition authorities, both from the EU member states and other non-EU countries. The Memorandum on cooperation with Belarus is the 12th agreement that the Commission has signed with competition governing authorities or institutions of other countries.

The Memorandum is signed during the session of the Belarusian-Serbian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, held in Belgrade on April 18-19.