kzk-ekofWithin the “Capacity Building for the Commission for Protection of Competition” project, implemented by the Commission for Protection of Competition in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, six employees of the Commission’s Administrative and Professional Service have attended the Competition and Regulation European Summer School – CRESSE, held in Crete. The Commission’s representatives also attended the CRESSE Annual conference.

CRESSE is an international network of scholars and practitioners with a research or professional interest in competition policy and network industry regulation, established in 2005 and managed by the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Objective of the Summer School for Economist and the Lawyers’ Course was to familiarize participants with the new economic literature, recent competition policy developments and methods used to assess business practices in the context of competition law. The school provides a comprehensive account of the most up to date developments in economic theory, empirical analysis, legislation and policy in the areas of competition and regulation. Following the implementation of this professional development course is expected that CPC staff will further improve their academic writing skills, and in addition to their practical involvement in antitrust cases also contribute to CPC advocacy related efforts, in addition to improving the knowledge of undertakings by publishing papers on competition policy issues.

The Summer School was attended by economists and lawyers from the Division for Assessment of Competition Infringements, Division for Investigation of Concentrations and the Economic Analyses Division of the Commission for Protection of Competition.