kzkIn order to help market participants in the process of adopting a compliance program with the rules on competition protection, the Commission has prepared in hardcopy, the Guidelines for the development of a program of corporate compliance with the regulations on competition protection, the Model of the Corporate Compliance Program with the Regulations on competition protection accompanying the Guidelines and two checklists for compliance control and risk identification in English.

The aim of these materials is to guide market participants, both large and small and medium-sized companies, when drafting internal acts and regulations to ensure that their operations are in line with regulations on competition protection and to draw the attention of a wider circle of market participants to the need to harmonize corporate operations with this area of law.

The Guidelines with the accompanying documents are available on the Commission’s website and can be downloaded in hardcopy, both in Serbian and English, every business day at the Commission for the Protection of Competition, 25 Savska Street, Belgrade.