NIS EKSPRESThe Commission for Protection of Competition conducted a competition conditions inquiry into the sports footwear, clothing and equipment market on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The inquiry is conducted with the objective of establishing more qualitative and comprehensive approach in cases concerning this sector, but also towards raising awareness and education level of undertakings, since all, including this activity as well, are directed at securing efficient competition on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The subject of the inquiry related to the collection and elaboration of data on procurement and sales of sports footwear, clothing and equipment in the period 2014-2016. In line with the data submitted by undertakings for inquiry-related purposes, the Commission analyzed the market structure, relations between main competitors and their market shares. In this respect, researchers have established a dynamic growth, high concentration of observed markets, as well as revenue increase of all undertakings generated from the sales to end-users and other dealers. Considering all specificities of this market, the Commission will continue to monitor the sector concerned with a particular attention in the period to come as well.

The Commission wishes to express its gratitude to all undertakings for their duly submission of requested data during the competition conditions inquiry process, and at the same time calls upon undertakings and other expert public to submit their comments to the report, to email address:, with the subject line: Comments to the sports footwear, clothing and equipment market inquiry.