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Commission Representatives at the RSPP and PERFORM Project Conference

kzk-ekofRepresentatives of the Commission for Protection of Competition, Marko Obradović, Commission Council member, and Jelena Grahovac, Senior Advisor in the Department for Economic Inquiries, have participated at the conference “Experiences from the evidence-based policymaking”.

The conference is organized by the Republic Secretariat for Public Policies in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and PERFORM Project, implemented by Helvetas Swiss Intercooparation SRB Representative Office.

This conference addressed the necessity of systematic alternations crucial for establishing the evidence-based policymaking systems, in addition to experiences and challenges arising from implementing researches in four pilot projects. The four pilot project’s beneficiaries are: Commission for Protection of Competition, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Youth and Sport and Ministry of Culture and the Media.

Commission representative, Jelena Grahovac, presented experiences related to project implementation “Aftermarkets Sector Inquiries” and utilization of gained knowledge. The presentation also addressed the key project lessons-learned, and policymaking-related research benefits to social sciences, research institutes and state authorities as the research beneficiaries.

In the closing address, all project partners have emphasized the high quality of established cooperation during all project implementation phases, a pleasure from taking part in the project, and the need to continue with the implementation of such and similar projects that would be aimed at supporting decision-makers in making informed and analysis-based decisions in solving issues.

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