kzk-ekofOn March 3, 2017, President of the Commission for Protection of Competition enacted a decision on approving implementation of concentration in summary procedure, created by acquiring control on the part of company Agrana Beteiligungs – Aktiengesellschaft – Vienna, Austria, over company Sunoko Ltd., with registered seat in Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia.

Pursuant to the established facts determined during the proceeding, the Commission recognized that by implementing related concentration, no significant structural alterations will occur on the sugar beet production, buy up and processing market, and beet sugar production and wholesale market in the Republic of Serbia.

Agrana Beteiligungs company is present on the market of the Republic of Serbia solely in the sugar wholesale market segment, but only by selling extremely small quantities. On the other relevant markets – sugar beets production, buy up and processing market, and beet sugar production market in the Republic of Serbia, Agrana Beteiligungs company is not present.

The Commission emphasizes that by means of the Decision dated August 11, 2016, Sunoko – Star šećer concentration is conditionally approved, subject to the implementation of certain measures. The aforementioned Decision imposes conditions in the form of behavioral measures and mandatory regular reporting the Commission, aimed at securing market structure and preserving all production capacities, including the sugar refinery TE TO Senta on the market, transparent monitoring of sugar levels and market fluctuations in sugar prices, improving transparency of sugar sale policy and business relations with the buyers, as well as full disclosure of information before the Commission on the level and type of investments to be implemented in the TE TO Senta company aimed at increasing production efficiency.

The listed conditions are still effective.